Detailed instructions on how to create your own token. After you read it, you can easily create a token.

Connect MetaMask

  • 1. Connect your MetaMask wallet.
  • 2. Select the network in which you want to create token.
  • 3. Open your Metamask wallet, and select the Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum Network.
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  • 4. Go to the section you need in 'Create token' tab.

Create token

  • After following the instructions above, your chosen network will be displayed in the 'Create Token' section. In this case Binance Network.
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  • 5. Fill in all the fields regarding your token information (all fields must be filled in to proceed to the next step).
  • 6. Choosing additional functions for your token.
  • 7. Click 'Go to the next step'.


  • 8. We check again all the information about your token, name, the amount you want to create, etc.
  • 9. After you have made sure that everything is correct, click 'Confirm'.
  • 10. Then we confirm the payment.
  • 11. We confirm the generation of the smart contract.
  • 12. We confirm the payment via Metamask.
  • 13. Save your token address.
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  • 14. Open your MetaMask wallet, select 'Import token' and insert the address of your token.

Congratulations, you have successfully created your token!